Enrico Kirkeby

I am a Freelance / Consultant Game developer, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, working on various game projects. I am a team-focussed developer, working best in communicative teams.

I got into game development and prototyping game ideas during the early days of Warcraft 3 map-editing. An interest that lead me to pursue a M.Sc. in Medialogy out of Aalborg university - Copenhagen, where I was introduced to a structured and professional form of game development and prototyping. 


Gaming has been pretty core to my life and beyond being my professional career it has also granted me with some amazing experiences. Winning an UT2004 Lan tournament, or vanilla World of Warcraft raiding for top world spots.

Now my life focus on development, an addication to a Modded Factorio setting and a crazy focus on health, fitness and wellness.

  • Unity Engine (C#)
  • Flash (AS3/Flex4)
  • HTML (Css, Js)
  • Unreal Engine (C++)


Fields of experience:

  • Game development
  • Framework development
  • In-App purchases
  • Microtransactions
  • Ad-support
  • Network programming (Photon for Unity)